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For the launch of Black Ops 4, we collaborated with Call of Duty gamers to create dozens of films using the game as a creative canvas. From porta potties to helicopters mating, the films showcase the fun, irreverent, and awesomely absurd things the Call of Duty community is all about. Tim & Eric, as well as Jonah Hill and his studio even made films of their own. This campaign lead to biggest launch day digital release in Activision history. Welcome to the party.

Role: Concept, Scripting, Game Capture and Editorial Direction

JJ, TJ, and Derek Watt are all brothers who play in the NFL, in case you’re like…Watt?

A deadly YouTube pre-roll.

This phone number actually works, btw. Call it and leave Gary a message.

Yes, made by THE Tim & Eric.

The brainchild of Jonah Hill and his creative studio GrandSon.

CD: Ben Hodgin, Josh Braithwaite

AD: Gideon Gillard