Audi: Social

Social never sleeps. So we make A LOT of stuff—very quickly. These are some of my favorite campaigns.



Quattro all-wheel-drive provides traction. So we gave our fans social traction by reposting their best Audi photos every Tuesday on Instagram.

Role: Concept, Copy

Press: Adweek's Most Engaging Brand Content of 2016



To talk about the technology underneath Audi vehicles, we flipped our cars (and our copy) upside-down. Users who flipped their phones upside-down could read these tweets perfectly.

Role: Concept, Copy



Let's be honest; the Audi R8 is hilariously expensive ($170,000ish). So we taught our fans how to save up for one with this video...sort of. 

Role: Concept, Copy

Press: Luxury DailyNYT Best-Selling Author



We turned our fans' Instagram photos into retro racing posters.

Role: Concept, Copy

Press: Road & Track


What they didn't expect was to receive them on Christmas morning.



We gave our fans a "MissionToPluto" during #PlutoFlyby. Click the Bitly link. 

Role: Concept, Copy

Press: AdWeek



It was a sad day when Jeremy Clarkson got canned from Top Gear.  A nice send-off was in order for one my favorite personalities on the planet.

If you don't get the reference, you must not watch Top Gear. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Role: Concept, Copy



We showed our fans where we came from. (Turn up the volume for beautiful noises.)

Role: Concept, Copy


Father's Day

All the feels. Yes, we let the kid keep the car. Dad—not so much. 

Role: Concept, Copy



CD: Guy Lemberg, Adam Ledbury

AD: Gideon Gillard